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Reviving Hope: Clean Water Initiative in Baidabaja of Dumuria G.P

In the heart of Dumuria Gram Panchayat, within the Swampatna block, resides Baidabaja, a hamlet comprising 132 households. The scorching summer months bring with them an agonising water scarcity as the village's tube well falters in providing clean, potable water. This dearth of clean water sources has been a pressing concern for the villagers, affecting their daily lives profoundly.

However, a beacon of change emerged in the form of the EcoSavers Youth Network, promoted by the PECUC. Operating within the village, this youth-led initiative recognised the urgency of the situation and extended a helping hand to the community. Collaborating with the women's group members and the local populace, the EcoSavers Youth Network spearheaded the formidable task of rejuvenating the abandoned well. Together, they embarked on an arduous journey to restore the well to its former glory, cleansing it from the depths of its stagnation.

Through their joint efforts, the well underwent a remarkable transformation. Once murky and unusable, it now brims with crystal-clear water. This vital resource has become a lifeline for the villagers, catering to both domestic needs and agricultural endeavours. This success story stands as a shining example, showcasing the potent impact of collaboration between youth leadership and community engagement.

The Eco Savers Youth Network orchestrated not only the cleaning process but also the revival of hope within the village. Their unwavering dedication and unyielding commitment to environmental protection and community welfare have set a precedent for other villages to emulate. Through tireless orientation and facilitation, the youth-led team catalysed a change that extends beyond water access; it is a change that reverberates as a harmonious symphony of youth leadership, collective action, and sustainable progress.


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