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End Violence Against Children
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Sustainable Growth Through Livelihood Promotion ............

PECUC's focuses on enhance the lives of less privileged communities and individuals by facilitating them better access to natural resources and financial inclusion. PECUC supports in technology, management, and guidance to effectively utilise tools like appropriate technology and manage resources like land and water. This extends to promoting activities like agro-horticulture, organic farming, sustainable agriculture , and livestock raising etc, all aimed at establishing sustainable income sources and avenues for livelihood. Additionally, PECUC fosters non-farm activities like skill training in various trades, revitalising traditional crafts such as pattachitra, terracotta, brass metalwork, and bamboo crafts, etc all of which fortify opportunities for livelihood.

PECUC's commitment reaches even further as they work on developing value chains and actively involving community members, youth, women, and key stakeholders. This collective effort aims to promote livelihoods and elevate the overall quality of life for all those involved.


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