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End Violence Against Children
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Child Rights

PECUC stands as a beacon of child rights, drawing inspiration from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) to guide its mission. With unwavering dedication, PECUC strives to safeguard the rights of every child by means of a myriad of purposeful initiatives. These encompass endeavours to actualize survival, development, protection, and participation rights for children. A movement known as Shradha Abhijan takes root, for love, care, protection, and education for children. Education, a cornerstone of progress, is championed through rigorous campaigns aiming to obliterate the scourge of child labour and trafficking. The ardent commitment to ending child sexual abuse is evidenced by the tireless work of equipping stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to make a lasting impact.

Health and nutrition take centre stage in PECUC's narrative, with initiatives designed to nurture the physical, mentalwell-being of children and ensure access to local sustenance. The battle against violence inflicted upon children takes a multifaceted form, encompassing prevention of child marriage, child abuse, and a robust framework of psychosocial counselling. Even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, PECUC's dedication shines through as the organisation extends its arms to provide solace and guidance to parentless children.Education, a transformative force, is made inclusive and far-reaching under PECUC's facilitation, fostering leadership and even cultivating the voices of young reporters. Invaluable services await children with cerebral palsy (CP) and mental retardation (MR), promoting healing and rehabilitation. PECUC engages in policy engagement, leveraging alliances, and networking while also paving the way for model schools, fortified infrastructure, and life skills education. The organisation's imprint extends to skill development programmes, nurturing the talents of young children and youth and offering pathways to a promising future.

In its tapestry of initiatives and unswerving dedication, PECUC paints a portrait of hope, progress, and compassion, leading the charge for a world where every child's rights are not just protected but celebrated and realised.

PECUC also developed innovative models through its grass root interventions in Odisha, Shradha Abhiyan promoted, popularized and adopted in all field project areas of PECUC , PECUC play a lead role to: Strengthen and build civil society networks and alliances for advocacy and action on child rights, Establish strong working relationships with. Law Enforcement Agencies, Policy Makers, Media, Educationists and Service Providers, Networks and alliances strengthened and capacitated to create community awareness, advocacy with Government institutions at all level, dissemination of best practices from networks for inclusion in state educational systems, develop structures and systems in coordination with networks and alliances, Campaign and public education movements at different level of operation ,Legal aid services, use of RTI, PIL and other means under framework of law,Human Resources – skilled in –Advocacy, networking, Training, Research and documentation, Management, Financial management, programme designing, monitoring and evaluation etc. ,Infrastructure strengthened and Financial Resources generated,Linkages with organizations and individuals for areas of special expertise such as legal, psychiatric/ psychologist and other services required for child protection ,Centre for Child Rights capacitated as nodal resource agency on child rights in the region, Skill development programme for Adolescents including PWDs ,PECUC would work on both institutional and non-institutional care of Children.

PECUC works towards protection of rights of every child through consistent activities for realization of survival, development, protection and participation rights of children. To carry forward the mandate, PECUC undertakes many strategic interventions like setting up online Child Right Resource Centre, Child Rights Resource Centre and Child Development Centre at village level, i.e. Shradha Bhawan; Shradha Abhijan – a campaign for love, affection, care, protection and education, formation of children collectives (child rights club) and child right protection committee; Campaign for right to education, eradication of child labour menace; Campaign against child trafficking, promoting child health, ending violence against children, preventing child marriage, child abuse, promotion of inclusive education; leadership development; promotion of child reporters, policy advocacy through network and alliances; strengthening of infrastructure; life skill education, skill development training programme for adolescents and so on.


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