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Health, Hygiene & Sanitation Equal Access & Sustainable Development

Equal access to essential health, clean water and sanitation services continue to be a priority for PECUC. The issues of health and well-being are closely related to that of an adequate water supply and functional sanitation systems. There are significant inequalities in access to quality and affordable health services, and a disproportionate burden of communicable and non-communicable disease. India also faces significant challenges in the provision of quality water, sanitation, solid waste management and drainage..

Lack of basic sanitation puts millions of lives at risk and is responsible for a quarter of all child deaths , Lack of sanitation and poor hygiene also severely limit the impact of other development interventions in education, health, rural and urban development.

PECUC focuses on develop & establish viable community health system to complement existing govt. facilities in PECUC's field project intervention area. Significant reduction in Morbidity & mortality [MMR, IMR], and disability, effective public health system catering to preventive & curative health need of the people ,increased access of each family to safe drinking water ,HIV/AIDS prevented, Control of preventable diseases and epidemics is assured throughout the year, each child and mother assured of adequate nutrition and effective environmental sanitation. Access of family to safe drinking water and sanitation,improved nutritional status for all is available, quality of living, Prevention from killer diseases and epidemics for all, Gaon Kalyan Samiti (GKS) are functional ,MASS are functional in urban areas , 100% immunization coverage for children & pregnant mothers, awareness of public health & sanitation to control preventable diseases i.e., Malaria, diarrhoea, etc., Public health infrastructure through community advocacy and participation, Safe motherhood is assured to every pregnant and lactating mother , Establish linkage with concerned line departments , Corporate, CSOs, Media ,Study & Research, Information dissemination on Health ,Health Camps, Capacity building of key stakeholders – ASHA, GKS, ANM, AWW and other, Promotion of model village through Community mobilization .

PECUC work with the government and community to facilitate universal health coverage and strengthen the capacity to provide good and affordable quality health services for all, ending epidemics of key communicable diseases and accelerating the reduction of maternal and newborn deaths, responding to environmental hazards, tackling health security threats from emerging and re-emerging diseases, accelerating sanitation coverage and helping communities to undertake water safety planning to mitigate contamination.

PECUC adopted the Sustainable Sanitation system to be economically viable, socially acceptable, technically and institutionally appropriate, and it should also protect the environment and the natural resource.


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