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Emergency Management &Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

Being situated in a region prone to various disasters such as floods, cyclones, droughts, and high tidal waves, Odisha faces constant exposure to these challenges. These disasters have a profound impact on the lives and livelihoods of their people. PECUC plays a pivotal role in enhancing disaster risk awareness among the population. Through the pre-positioning of emergency , imparting disaster risk reduction training, and focusing on vulnerable groups like children, women, the elderly, and marginalised communities, PECUC adopts an inclusive approach. PECUC's efforts encompass the creation of child-friendly safe spaces, school safety plans, trauma counselling, policy-level engagements, and innovative models for disaster risk reduction, with a special emphasis on child-centred approaches. The organisation is also actively involved in rehabilitation and restoration measures, as well as rescue and relief operations. Building the capacity of disaster response teams, facilitating the preparation of village-level disaster management plans, and providing cyclone shelter management training are all part of PECUC's comprehensive strategy.In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, as communities were confined to their homes, grappling with stress, trauma, and fear, PECUC emerged as a lifeline. Through various means, the organisation reached out to the community, offering crucial support such as relief assistance, psychosocial counselling, and awareness campaigns on COVID-19 protective measures. PECUC also facilitated linkages and convergences, ensuring that the community received the necessary resources and information to navigate this unprecedented crisis.

Climate change adaptation focuses on minimising the adverse impacts of climate change, encompassing infrastructure resilience, water management, ecosystem restoration, afforestation, sustainable transportation, and health preparedness for future generations. Both mitigation and adaptation are essential strategies to combat and cope with the challenges posed by a changing climate, working in tandem to create a more sustainable and resilient future for communities and ecosystems. By combining efforts to limit global warming's extent and prepare for its impacts, PECUC, with the active engagement of ECOSAVER’S Youth Network members, and communities, mitigates severe disruptions to ecosystems and livelihoods. Prioritising these strategies aligns with the imperative of environmental protection and a more resilient planet for the next generation.Environmental protection efforts driven by youth, children, and communities play a pivotal role in fostering a sustainable future. The enthusiasm and fresh perspectives of young people inspire innovative solutions and create awareness about pressing environmental issues. Children, as future inheritors of the planet, are particularly motivated for a cleaner and safer environment. When communities come together, initiating local initiatives such as clean-up drives, tree planting campaigns, and sustainable waste management practices. This grassroots involvement not only improves the immediate environment but also cultivates a sense of responsibility and stewardship. By engaging youth, children, and communities, PECUC empowers them to become active participants in shaping a greener and more resilient world for generations to come.


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