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Emergency Management & Climate Change Adaptation.....

PECUC has played a major role in disaster response and preparedness ever since 1999. Since then, it has also been investing in deepening its understanding of mitigation issues as well as of the global frameworks , Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation , Carbon Trading to deal with the situation. As part of its many actions to address climate change, PECUC has initiated actions in the tribal and costal Districts, like promotion and practice of climate resilient models in rural and urban areas in different method and technology. Further, systematic efforts have been made to train and develop a band of youth and children as change agent ' who can stay alert and respond to any kind of disaster situation and climate change adaptation, PECUC team have been motivated hard to familiarize people with the “climate change and global warming” concept. Many of the district in which we work are highly vulnerable to emergencies and natural disasters. These vulnerabilities are unfortunately likely to increase in coming years as the effects of climate change worsen.

PECUC aims at to enhance capacity & expertise to respond effectively to calamities & conflicts. Reduced effect of disaster on life and economy with special emphasis on Children, Women and Aged, Peace & harmony - early conflict resolution, Community contingency plan, school safety plan to reduce the risk of disaster, Child friendly disaster shelter, Innovative models for disaster risk reduction. PECUC also focuses on Prevention/ reduction in man-made disasters, advanced disaster response mechanisms ensuring rescue, relief operations and reduce vulnerability ,Coordinated resettlement & rehabilitation action stabilizing people to pre- disaster situation or better up standard ,Shelter, relief and post disaster care infrastructures at community level are developed, time bound resettlement and rehabilitation programmes designed and implemented , Capacity building of disaster response teams at different level, rescue & relief operation, measures for Restoration and Rehabilitation, safe space for children ,School safety plan, trauma counselling, innovative models for disaster risk reduction, advocacy for policy level changes .

PECUC act quickly to save lives. Once the immediate crisis has passed, the team remain on the ground helping to rebuild livelihoods and infrastructure so that communities are better prepared for future crises. Additionally, we advocate for changes in the way the govt responds to emergency situations. PECUC responded to emergency situations, giving life-saving support to those most in need ,help people caught up in disasters and across the state of Odisha with temporary shelter , clean water, food, sanitation , education & protection. PECUC stay long after the dust has settled to help rebuild communities and support them in being better prepared to cope with shocks and uncertainties. PECUC has been pioneer in promoting Child Centered community based Disaster Risk Reduction. It is a frame work where children play a leading role in their communities to minimize negative impact of disaster.

The Emergency response and child –centric disaster risk reduction

Strategy Adopted:

  • Child protection : distribute relief materials during emergencies and assist with long term rehabilitation efforts & operate child friendly spaces supporting children’s psychological needs as well as carrying out nutritional and health care assessment and protect children from being child labour, trafficking and abuse .
  • Education : ensure that children are able to continue with their schooling by providing them with a safe space to learn in the aftermath of disasters.


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